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Organic Green Compost

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Organic Green Compost Perfect for Rejuvenating Your Garden or Planters

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Organic Green Compost is our peat-free general purpose tree and shrub planting compost.  Ideal for most applications where the benefits of adding nutrients and structure to the soil is required. Acts as a natural slow release fertiliser, allowing the plants access to a continued source of nutrients, thus reducing the need to fertilise. Can also be used as an outstanding general purpose soil improver. Dark brown/black in colour with the feel and consistency of soil.

  • 95% of particles fall within a 0-10mm range.
  • Adheres to PAS100
  • The pH range is 7.0 to 8.5
  • Helps prevent moisture loss
  • Improves drainage
  • Promotes healthy and strong root growth
  • Mix 2 part Compost to 1 part Farm Yard Manure to significantly improve soil condition

Order 4 Bags or More to Receive a Discount!

If the material can be tipped from the bags in a convenient location, we can recycle the bags and you will receive a discount of £1.00 per bag!

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